Canada's NDP


March 19th, 2024

MP Barron commends the passing of NDP motion for peace and justice in the Middle East

NANAIMO – On Monday evening, the NDP’s motion for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel was voted on and passed in Parliament. NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron (Nanaimo – Ladysmith) says this is a momentous day for Canadians and peace.

The NDP’s motion, which other parties amended, calls on all members to support a ceasefire, the release of all Israeli and Palestinian hostages, a shared commitment to work with international partners to pursue the establishment of the State of Palestine, the lifting of arbitrary immigration caps for people trying to reunite with their loved ones, an end to arms sales to Israel and the illegal arms trade to Hamas.

“For almost six months, Canadians, especially those with loved ones in Gaza, have watched in horror as tens of thousands of people have been killed,” said Barron. “It has been completely devastating. But yesterday evening, Members of Parliament from across parties all voted to take action towards an end to this brutal genocide.”

Earlier in the day, Barron rose in Parliament to apply pressure on all members of Parliament and the Liberal government to support the NDP’s motion for peace and justice.

While Members of Parliament from four parties voted in support of this motion, saying that both Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives voted against it.

“It is unthinkable that Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives would vote against measures that prioritize peace for both Palestinians and Israelis after so many lives have been lost,” added Barron. “But I’m grateful that this important motion still passed, thanks to everyone in our community who pressured the government to step up. New Democrats want to see a future where everyone is living in safety and peace. It’s what we’re pushing towards.”