Canada's NDP


June 14th, 2023

NDP MP Barron demands the Liberals stop breaking their promises on electoral reform

OTTAWA – On Wednesday, NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron rose in the House of Commons to call on the Liberal government to support her motion to form a National Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform. Since 2015, the Liberals have been promising Canadians that they’d change Canada’s electoral system to be more representative of Canadian’s voices – eight years later, they have yet to do so.

Here is MP Barron’s question:

“Every election the Liberals campaign on electoral reform.

Yet, the only thing the Liberals have done is leave a trail of broken promises.

Canadians are feeling increasingly disengaged, not seeing their votes represented.

People don’t want to see political games—they expect action.

The NDP believe all Canadians deserve a voice in our democracy.

So, my question is simple, will the Liberals make right on their broken promises and implement a citizens assembly on electoral reform?”

Watch here