Canada's NDP


November 9th, 2023

NDP MP Barron slams Liberals and Conservatives for teaming up to squash plan to give Canadians a break on heating bills

NANAIMO – On Wednesday, Parliament voted on the NDP’s plan to permanently help all Canadians — in every province and territory — pay their bills by taking the GST off home heating and putting in place a windfall tax on big oil and gas corporations making record profits. The money recovered from the windfall tax could have been used to help Canadians move to cheaper and cleaner home heating options.

But the Liberals and Conservatives teamed up to vote against it.

“People have been trying to keep up with the cost of living for two years now, and with winter coming, our home heating bills will be the next expense families have to figure out how to cover,” said NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron (Nanaimo – Ladysmith). “At the same time, people want to do their part to fight the climate crisis.”

“The Liberals’ plan to lower home heating costs is disappointing. It almost entirely leaves B.C. behind, and it seems the Liberals are trying to save a few votes instead of helping families with high costs. And while Justin Trudeau divides up the country for his political purposes, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives are fighting to protect the profits of rich oil and gas CEOs at the expense of your wallet.”

While families are struggling to pay their heat bills, Canada's biggest oil and gas companies brought in $38 billion in profit last year. New Democrats challenged Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre to help every Canadian by removing the GST from home heating and putting a windfall tax on oil and gas companies making record profits. Yet again, they refused to do it.

“Heating your home isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity – and yet the Conservatives and Liberals joining forces to shut down measures to help people is unthinkable,” added Barron. “Voting against the NDP’s motion to help families trying to keep up shows where Trudeau and Poilievre’s priorities are. They’d both rather play political games and protect rich CEOs, instead of lowering heating bills and costs for families.”