Canada's NDP


November 3rd, 2023

NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron calls on Liberals to support NDP plan to lower food prices

OTTAWA – On Friday, NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron (Nanaimo – Ladysmith) called out the Liberal’s botched plan to bring down food prices and urged them to support New Democrats’ bill that has real measures to lower food prices. The NDP’s bill will be debated on Monday. If passed, it would increase penalties for price fixing, protect grocery stores from anti-competitive tactics, give the competition bureau more powers to crack down on abuses like price-gouging, and stop mergers that hurt Canadians.

Here is Barron’s question:

"Food banks, like Loaves and Fishes in Nanaimo, are overwhelmed.

Two million Canadians are turning to food banks - the highest number we’ve ever seen.

Clearly, food prices are out of control and families are suffering.

The Liberals promised food costs would be lower by now - but their out-of-touch plan of nicely asking CEOS to stabilize already high prices isn’t working.

So, will the Liberals support the NDP's plan to bring down grocery costs by putting people before profits?"