Canada's NDP


February 9th, 2024

NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron calls out Liberals for voting no on NDP bill to lower prices

OTTAWA – On Friday, NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron called out the Liberals for voting against NDP measures to lower food prices for people in Nanaimo-Ladysmith, by tackling corporate greed.

This week, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh brought forward a bill, that was seconded my MP Barron, to increase the Competition Bureau’s ability to stop price-fixing, and anti-competitiveness measures. Despite the Liberals best efforts to block this legislation, New Democrats successfully got it through to deliver real solutions on lowering sky-high food prices. Barron says that this vote is another example of how out-of-touch the Liberals are with what Canadians are going through right now.

Here is Barron’s question:

“In Nanaimo-Ladysmith people are relying on food banks now more than ever before.

And what is the Liberal and Conservative corporate coalition doing? Pointing fingers at one another over who has the most grocery lobbyists in their back pocket.

To make matters worse, the Liberals voted against an NDP bill that would lower food prices and crackdown on out-of-control corporate greed.

Why are the Liberals working for grocery CEOs, instead of doing right by people?”

Watch Barron call out the Liberals on working for CEOs, instead of people