Canada's NDP


December 11th, 2023

NDP secures dental care for people in Nanaimo-Ladysmith, slams Conservatives for voting against it

NANAIMO – On Monday, New Democrats announced the rollout of the NDP’s national dental care program, which will save millions of families across Canada about $1,300.

The NDP’s dental care program comes just a few days after Pierre Poilievre’s cut-and-gut Conservatives voted to cut funding for services Canadians rely on to keep up with costs – including dental care and a national school food program.

“It’s devastating to hear from people in our communities who are making cuts so that their kids or parents can see the dentist or forgoing it altogether,” said NDP MP Lisa Marie Barron (Nanaimo – Ladysmith). “No one should have to outweigh the costs of getting their teeth fixed versus covering their monthly expenses. Its why New Democrats have fought tooth and nail to get dental care, and we’re delivering for people in Nanaimo-Ladysmith.”

Over a third of Canadians have no dental insurance, and nearly 9 million Canadians avoid the dentist every year because they can’t afford it. Last year, the NDP started delivering dental care with the interim dental benefit that gave 370,000 families with children under 12 up to $1,300.

Today’s national program will start by covering 4.5 million seniors, people with disabilities, and children under 18 who don’t have private insurance and make under $90,000. By the end of 2025, it is estimated that 9 million eligible Canadians could benefit from this program. An average family could save around $1,300 per year.

“Pierre Poilievre has tried every trick he’s got in his back pocket to stop kids from getting dental care, but New Democrats still managed to get this needed program for families. Poilievre claims to be working for people – but then actively tries to shut down programs that save people money. Then there’s the Liberals who only deliver when the NDP makes them,” added Barron. “Getting more Canadians to the dentist, free of charge, is going to make life more affordable for families and keep everyone healthier, and that’s what New Democrats are working for.”