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Derelict Vessels

Abandoned vessels in Canadian waters have been left to sink, polluting our oceans, harming wildlife, and threatening food security. Canadians who live on our coasts know all too well the harm these "vessel graveyards" cause. It’s time something is done about it.

Support MP Barron's bill (C-344) to clean up polluting abandoned vessels HERE.

Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (GLBI)

There is a growing affordability crisis in Canada and the existing supports are inadequate, unlivable, and keep people trapped in poverty. Bill C-223 proposes a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income that prioritizes everyday people and ensures that everyone has access to affordable and accessible housing, healthcare, and a livable income.

Add your name HERE to voice your support for Bill C-233 and a GLBI framework that prioritizes all Canadians.

Housing Affordability

The housing affordability crisis continues to worsen for tenants and first-time home buyers as wealthy investors and large corporations treat housing as a commodity rather than a basic human right. MP Barron and Housing Critic, MP Kwan, are urging the government to act and fighting for a commitment to address the financialization of the housing market.

Sign their letter to the Minister of Housing HERE.

Electoral Reform

Canadians across party lines are concerned with the health of Canada's democracy. Now more than ever, we need members of parliament from all political parties to come together and work towards a more fair, more equitable, and more democratic electoral system in Canada.

Review MP Barron's motion (M-86) and sign the petition to support a Citizens' Assembly HERE.

End Open Net Salmon Farming in B.C. Waters

Without urgent action, the declining wild salmon populations will have a devastating effect on British Columbia’s ecosystem and the future of people’s livelihoods. We must act now.

Support MP Barron's bill (C-258) to ensure a real transition plan that protects our oceans and supports workers and First Nations HERE.

Alcohol Warning Labels

It should not be left up to rich, multinational alcohol producers to decide what information Canadians have access to when it comes to the risks of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is classified by the WHO as a Class 1 carcinogen and is linked to several cancers.

If you agree that Canadians have the right to information about the health implications of alcohol consumption, review MP Barron's motion (M-61) and support it HERE.